Sharon Barry Newby for Congress


Sharon Barry Newby For Congress

Sharon Barry Newby For Congress

Sharon Barry Newby For CongressSharon Barry Newby For Congress

Devotion * Consistency * Reliability * Common Sense

"Hold on Mr. President.  The cavalry is coming!"


* Clearwater Business Owner 42 yrs

* Educator 7 yrs

* National & International Sales

* Survivor of Carter & Obama Economy

* Leadership/Creating Jobs

* Military Wife During Wartime

* Understand Many Farm Issues

* Member of NRA  * Member Leadership Institute  

* Member National Association of Music Merchants 

* Member Presidential Coalition



 * Maintain Strong Economy/Value of the Dollar

* 2nd Amendment Is a Woman's Issue

* Eliminate Fraud & Waste in Gov't/Pass a Line Item Veto

* Support Strong Defense and Vet Healthcare Issues

* Enforce Immigration Laws & Support ICE

* Eliminate Slush Fund for Sexual Harassment Cases by Congress

* Reduce Tax on Social Security

* Restoring Civility in Congress and Politics

* Require Professors to Take Oath of Allegiance to America

* Oppose Reparations



* I Welcome the Opportunity to Speak to Groups

* As a Political Outsider, I will Work to Earn Your Confidence

* More Extensive Descriptions of my Platform will be Available Soon

* I Welcome Volunteers that Believe that Our Democracy Must Survive the Assault From the Left

Country Over Politics

Country Over Politics

Country Over Politics


Country Over Politics

Country Over Politics