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Events with Shari posted here for your convenience.  Come join us to meet Shari and tell her about your issues and government recommendations.  

Newby for Congress

Business Woman & Conservative Here For You


We Need a Leader Like Sharon Barry Newby in Congress

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A Message From Our President

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In an effort to communicate constructively with all segments of our society, I recommend the following five minute video.  Regardless of party affiliation or gender, it's worthwhile . . .

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Meet & Greet Sharon Barry Newby

Congressional District 13, Candidate Sharon Barry Newby, January 14th Meet & Greet in Clearwater, Florida




After my recent trip to the Cape Kennedy, and reflecting on the phenomenal accomplishments of so many brave citizens, I am compelled to ask the question, "Why don't today's democrat leadership want to identify with the American flag?"  Tears came to my eyes after realizing that Kennedy would not recognize his own party. Pictured with me is Astronaut Tom Jones.

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Reagan Sppech 1988

Every citizen of this country should listen to this speech Reagan gave at the Russian University in 1988. A remarkable conclusion of a 3 day visit to Moscow. Reagan's truth and charm are desperately missed today. Under the bust of Lenin, with its irony and symbolism, Reagan delivered this speech to an enthusiastic and polite audience. I highly recommend this video....


Extremely Important Video

The timeline Maria Bartiromo is talking about is the lynchpin to indicting several poeple in the Obama administration.  Impeachment by Dems in 2020 won't stop what's coming! 

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To my dem friends . . . watch the first eight minutes if you dare! 

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I was pleased to be invited to the Central Pinellas Republican Club by their gracious President Barbara Stephens.  It was a wonderful December gathering of devoted Republicans working for the reelection of President Trump.  Lots of fun, information and good food.


In December at the GOP Pinellas meeting, I was invited to give an informative speech to all members about my Congressional District 13 candidacy.  

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Flagwaving for Trump - so much fun and so many drivers honking and giving us a thumbs up.


Great to be out in beautiful Florida weather among friends, flagwaving and supporting our President


What a great day.  My first "Meet & Greet."


So much to say and so much support for my positions!  Wonderful music and good food too.  We'll have to do it again.


December Meet & Greet


A Sponsor of the War for America's Soul November 7, 2019


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I was recently honored to co-sponsor an incredible event at Palladium with 700 people in attendance.  Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, and Hugh Hewitt (conservative talk show hosts with Salem Media)


answered questions from the audience and reflected on the politics of today.  They were amazing.  You MUST see "No Safe Places."  It will change you.

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The Awakening of An Avowed Liberal . . . show your democrat friends

The Second Amendment is the Great Equalizer for Women. This Short Video Will Explain My Position. 

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Political Outsider

By Janelle Irwin Taylor, November 6, 2019 – FLAPOL

  • Political outsider becomes sixth GOP candidate hoping to topple Charlie Crist
  • Sharon Barry Newby is running to support the Second Amendment as a women’s issue.
  • A sixth GOP candidate for Charlie Crist’s Congressional District 13 seat quietly entered the race last month.  Sharon Barry Newby is a self-proclaimed political outsider running on far-right conservative views.  She lists her supportfor the Second Amendment as a women’s issue, opposes reparations and wants to eliminate the “slush fund” for congressional sexual harassment cases.  Her top priorities include maintaining a strong economy, eliminating fraud and government waste, reducing Social Security taxes and restoring civility to politics.  Newby also writes she wants to “cap retirement for Congress at five years” but it’s not clear whether she’s referring to term limits or retirement benefits for when elected officials leave office. A request for clarification from her campaign was not immediately answered.  Newby lists herself as a Clearwater business owner for 42 years with seven years experience as an educator. She also touts her membership in the National Rifle Association.  Her website is still under formation, Newby notes on the home page, but has a news tab that links to an event Thursday she’ll be attending at the Palladium Theater in downtown St. Pete called War for America’s Soul. It features conservative radio hosts Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher and Dennis Prager. The website also links to a Fox New interview with conservative gay activist and former Democrat Brandon Straka who started the #WalkAway campaign urging Democrats to leave their party.  Newby is entering a crowded race against candidates who are already in full campaign mode. Based solely on fundraising activity, Amanda Makkiappears to be the frontrunner so far. She has raisednearly $418,000 so far. This week, Anna Paulina Luna earned a high-profile endorsementfrom Congressman Matt Gaetz, the Florida Representative who last month led dozens of Republican members of Congress into the building where Congressional committees were conducting impeachment inquiry interviews.  Also running are former Republican National Convention executive Matt Becker, former lawyer Sheila Griffin and perennial candidate George Buck. The six are running for the GOP nomination in the Pinellas County Congressional District 15 in hopes of flipping the seat red by defeating Crist in 2020.